Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Road of Life.

1. Put a chain around a tree to give it iron.

2. Make sure people do not think your pepper spray is a flashlight.

3. When you can't tell if someone recognizes you or not, introduce yourself first.

4. Try Diet Cranberry 5 Calorie Cranberry juice, it's really good!

5. Never ask a policeman if he is sure about his decision. They do not like that.

6. Some locks are really hard to open. Pull down on the lock once you get to the correct combination and that should do the trick.

7. When you're trying to brown chicken, don't move it around.

8. Rice milk tastes interesting.

9. Don't sit in a running car in closed spaces- you will get carbon monoxide poisoning and die.

10. If you get something broken into, don't ask for fingerprints unless you really think you will get something out of that. The black powder is hard to get rid of.

11. You can't make hot tea bags become iced tea bags. It just doesn't work.

12. If your foot really hurts, don't keep running on it. You will pay for it.

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