Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Education for the future.

If you are hiking and you hear a loud crack, don't spend so much time looking up and around- start running. A tree is falling.

Not all cats are nice. Some don't like to be pet.

Don't make fun of people who have asthma.

When waiting for a phone interview, don't answer the phone with "Hello?" you should say, "Hi, this is..."

If you are driving really early in the morning, look out for farmers on the road. They may be pulling out in their tractors.

Standing up at the football games is overrated. Sitting under the jumbotron on the grass is much cooler.

Always smile at people, it's a nice gesture :)

Buy organic milk, it's a lot better for you. And organic chicken.

Take time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Make use of the career center.

If someone waves at you and you don't recognize them, don't start walking towards them waving haha.

Washing your tennis shoes with a toothbrush really makes them shiny again.

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