Sunday, October 3, 2010

My goodness.

Note to self: They only accept cash and checks at the DPS.

Caution: If you are hiding behind a door, trying to scare someone, and the door swings open it will hit you right in the face.

Always have some bread near by if you are eating fish. That way if you start choking you have something to help you swallow.

Don't kick those boingy door stops. Some of them are metal.

Never place a bet on the Aggies winning a football game.

Don't turn your windshield wipers on while your windows are rolled down.

If you are waiting in line to use the restroom and you checked the door handle and it seems locked, check again or knock. It's really awkward when you've been waiting for ten minutes and you go back to check the handle and no one is in the bathroom.

If you are running outside and you need to cross the street, a) make sure when you stop you aren't standing right by a bus stop because the bus driver will think you are waiting to get on, and b) some people don't use their blinkers when they are turning so don't assume they are going straight!

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