Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'll make sure to remember that.

1. Always bring a pen with you when you are called into someone's office.

2. Don't get stuck behind an 18-wheeler carrying rocks. One will surely fly into your windshield.

3. Be careful when you give money to people on the street. Make sure you have a vehicle to get away.

4. Always thank the receptionist.

5. Note to self: Podiatrist's are not MD's.

6. If your lips are really chapped, try Burt's Bees Honey and Vitamin E lip balm. You can get it at HEB! Really good stuff.

7. Type out your goals for 2012 and frame them in your room so you can see them.

8. Try not to stare straight on at a cow in the eyes. They don't like that.

9. You can buy little goldfish at Petsmart and put them in a outdoor stock tank and they will eat the algae and grow to be huge (and multiply) and they keep the water really clean!

10. Life is short. Live your dream. Share your passion. Enjoy the journey.

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