Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Things People Ask Me. #IWEARABRACE

These are just a few of the common questions people ask me on a daily basis. After three years of some type of brace and six months of wearing the IDEO device, I'm pretty used to it now :)


Did you kick someone? Can't even tell you how many older men have asked me this.

How much longer in that? A LONG TIME. :) 

What happened to your leg?

Excuse me, what is that on your leg?

You're still wearing that? YES. 

What branch of service were you in?

Did you twist your ankle? Honestly, does this look like I just twisted my ankle? 

Let me carry that for you. No it's okay, really I'm good! 

Do you need to sit down?

OUCH, that looks like it hurts.

What? You have to wear that forever?

Why is one shoe bigger than the other? Why do you think? 

You look like the bionic woman. Umm.. thanks I think? 

Is that a prosthetic?

Do you have a handicapped sticker?

Did you tear your ACL?   

Were you a soccer player?

Mommy, what happened to that girl? 

Are you okay? Yes...

Do you shower in that? Do you sleep in that? Can you get it wet? Do you have to wear it all the time? Do you wash it? Do you have to wear that sock?

Rollerderby accident? REALLY?

All in all, I really don't mind being asked these questions. I honestly like talking to people and am happy to share my story but sometimes I get a kick out of the questions people think to ask. I've learned in these last few years that people are very inquisitive and they mean well. My only advice is next time you see someone in a brace, wheelchair, whatever it is - just stop and think before you ask, because sometimes they just want to fit in too ;)

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