Sunday, August 3, 2014

First World Problems.

In the summer time I LOVE to eat peaches. In fact, I love eating peaches year round. It's my favorite fruit. :) So last week I decided to buy a couple peaches from Whole Foods. I was so excited for them to ripen. One day during my lunch break, I went into the break room to grab my peach. As I went to take a bite, I immediately realized I had bit into a peach that was a little mushy and lacked flavor.  Seeing my facial expression, a coworker asked what the problem was. I told how much I loved peaches but was dismayed to have picked a bad one. "Ah, first world problems" he said. And it was with that comment that I realized how many people in third world countries would LOVE to have any peach. So I decided to eat that mushy peach and be thankful for the privilege to even be able to purchase it. As the week went on, I decided to make a conscious effort to see my circumstances from a third world view. Through this, I realized there is a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes you just need to step back to see how blessed you really are.

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