Sunday, September 7, 2014


1.) Don't put honey in the refrigerator before you want to eat it. 

2.) Don't paint your nails over your favorite blanket... 

3.) Take it from me. Don't purchase in flight wifi. It doesn't work and it's not worth $16 for 90 min of wifi!

4.) Walk out of an elevator if it has a hard time getting off the first floor. You will not enjoy getting stuck in the elevator... just take the stairs.

5.) You can't check your tire pressure with your hand like you can on a bike tire... #whereisdadwhenyouneedhim

6.) Don't watch Marley & Me by yourself. It's so sad.

7.) Bring a dry pair of shorts to change into after kayaking. Biking home in wet bike shorts is NOT fun.

8.) When parking, stop your car sooner than you think so you don't run into the cement wall in the parking garage. It's closer than you think.

9.) Don't share drinks with other people - they might have mono and not know it yet. Ah!

10.) Everyone needs a black leather jacket.

11.) Don't clean your sunglasses on your blouse. They might be really dirty and leave a stain on your shirt.

12. Why are mom's always right?? What is up with that? 

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