Monday, August 25, 2014

Touched by an Angel.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I was out riding my bike for a 30 mile training session with a group from Richardson Bike Mart. About halfway into the ride, my leg started cramping and I fell behind the peloton. I could see everyone ahead of me and I knew I needed to stay with the group so that (a) I wouldn’t get lost and (b) I wouldn’t get stuck riding the rest of the route by myself (aka very LOST). Out of nowhere, as I pushed forward toward the upcoming hill, a thin cyclist in black uniform appeared on my left and placed his hand on my back. Never once stopping to look at me or mumor a word, he effortlessly pushed me up the hill all the way back to the peloton. As soon as his hand touched my back, I heard a voice deep in my heart say, “Stop trying so hard. I have you where I need you and I will carry you. I got you. Be still and know that I am with you.” It was a peace like no other and I knew in that very moment, without a doubt, he was an angel. As I cycled back to the group, he let go, and road ahead. I looked down to grab my water bottle and back up again and he was gone.
I believe God sent me that mesaage not to tell me to stop trying so hard on the ride (although we were riding ~19mph so you have to try hard!), but to stop trying so hard to figure out everything in life. What an amazing feeling to hear the voice of God and feel his overwhelming peace. Thank you cycling angel - I will never forget you :)
-- Be still and know that I am God. --

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