Sunday, January 11, 2015

Find a Way.

If you've never heard of Diana Nyad then you are in for a big surprise. This incredible woman, at the age of 64, on her fifth attempt, swam over 100 miles from Cuba to Florida... nearly 3 days... and without a shark cage. A goal never reached by anyone before. Not only is her athletic feat an inspiration but her sheer drive and determination to never, ever give up is what I find most motivating. Her mantra, "find a way"  is true for each and everyone of us. No matter what you are facing, you must find a way to never give up -- through the pain, through the disappointment, through the hard times, through anything, - a challenging setback, a hard day -- you cannot give up. You have to FIND A WAY.

I believe one of the ways I made it through the last four years with my injury was through my determination and perseverance to find a way to have a better quality of life. It was that goal that motivated me each day to never give up and it is that same mentality that keeps me going. My hope for you is that when you face hard times, you remember to look within and somehow find a way to keep going.
"All of us suffer heartache. All of us suffer difficulties in our lives. And if you say to yourself 'FIND A WAY' you'll make it through". - Diana Nyad
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