Sunday, January 26, 2014

Notes to Self from January

1.) Don't try to adjust your seat while driving your car down a hill.

2.) Don't tell someone you like their shirt because it looks like the color of the wall they are sitting next to. Not everyone appreciates the simple things like this :)

3.) If someone asks you to help them jump their car, make sure you know what you are doing before you say yes. 

4.) Espresso is not spelled expresso...

5.) Don't attempt to open the windows in your kitchen during windy weather, your napkins will go flying out the window.

6.) Don't carry your house key in your hand while you are running. If you trip and lose it, that's your only way back in. Better yet, leave a spare key somewhere.

7.) Don't hold your sunglasses in your hand while you are shopping, you might accidentally set them down somewhere and have to travel back to the stores looking for them...

8.) Don't paint your nails before you decide to wash dishes.

9.) When jumping on a trolley, make sure you remember where you got on...

10.) Pink pens make work more fun.

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