Sunday, February 9, 2014

you can learn a lot in one week.

1. Don't pick up 1-866 numbers, I promise it's not someone you know on the other line. When someone tells you that you've won a car - you did not win a car. There is no such thing as a free car.

2. People die at casino's all the time. Sadly enough, do not be surprised if you see someone have a heart attack playing the slots - EMT's are there on site and within 15 minutes someone new will be sitting at the same slot machine. If going to Vegas, brush up on your CPR skills so that you can help too.

3. If a cab driver tells you he has to take the back roads to get you to the airport and he hands you a slip of paper with his personal email address, get out. If something feels off, it probably is.

4. Do not make eye contact with homeless people. As much as you want to be nice to them, some of them are crazy. To that note, do not look back at someone who you know is staring at you. Just keep walking. They want you to look back - but don't show them that you are scared. If you run into the same crazy person again, RUN. If they then tell you they want to kill you- call the police.

6. If someone asks if they can try to heal you in the grocery store, politely smile and walk away quickly.

7. Pump your brakes when driving on the snow... do not hold the brake pedal down to stop.

8. Not all fire alarms sound the same. Just because it doesn't sound like the normal fire alarm - you should probably still evacuate!

9. Sometimes we just need to stop and be aware of how blessed we really are.

10. Trust that he'll lead you where he needs you :)

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