Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lessons to Remember 11-20

11. To keep your teeth white, drink coffee and soda pop from a straw.

12. Nothing could be worse than drinking a gallon of warm flavored prune juice...

One time I got really sick and I had to get an x-ray of my abdomen. I'll never forget the nasty taste of this juice I had to drink for the x-ray.

13. Don't skimp on hair products, face care, make-up, contacts, jeans, and shoes. Stuff you use everyday should be good quality.

14. Remember to take your credit card out of the ATM machine...

15. If you get lost while you are driving, pull over and get the map out.

16. Don't wear your good earrings while you are out shopping and trying on clothes- you might lose them!

17. Don't lie down immediately after eating, you might get major heartburn.

18. Never participate in a sport that requires you to get up at 3:45am.

Short story, I tried out for the rowing team. Met at the lake at 4am and rowed for 3 hours before school started. Then they asked me if I was ready for the race that weekend. I politely declined that one haha.

19. Drinking wine before a math test doesn't calm your nerves.

I had a math tutor who told us to take a sip of wine to help calm our nerves before our test in the morning. Well I thought it couldn't hurt to try and everyone around me kept wondering where the alcohol smell was coming from. Not a good idea because I was even more worried about that, than the test itself!

20. Remember the lessons from the movie "Taken". Don't be so trusting of people. Even good guys can be bad and evil.

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