Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh Life.

21. Never wave at a guy through a window. He might be going to the restroom.

I was helping volunteer at Big Event, a community service project at Texas A&M and my job was to clean the windows of a house from the outside. Well I noticed a guy inside looking ahead and I waved to him and smiled and he looked horrified. Then I realized I was washing the the bathroom window...

22. If someone is walking around with chains on their ankles and wrists, don't ask them if they need help.

I saw this girl walking across campus with chains on and I said, "Are you ok?" And she told me she fine. She was just promoting a campaign to stop slavery in foreign countries.

23. Lemonade, chocolate, and vegetables don't mix well. Probably not the best idea to eat these at the same time.

24. Don't label something important with it's name like "Scantron Folder" because people will steal your scantrons.

25. If it tastes really spicy and it burns your tongue, don't continue to eat it!

26. Treat yourself every now and then, you deserve it.

27. If someone asks you randomly, "Do you know him?" They're probably referring to God so just say yes, it will save you some hassle.

28. Have your key in hand when walking to your car and get in fast.

29. Don't buy carob chips.

30. If you're going to pick a flower from someone's yard, do it fast...and watch out for snakes!

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